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Private Guided Photography Workshops & Tours
Join professional photographer, biologist and natural historian Robb Hirsch on a private customized photography expedition. A variety of trips can be planned based on the goals and abilities of the participants. These can include hikes to shoot from a particular place or can be dynamic to best utilize the present conditions. Group size is limited (to no more than 3) to provide the most meaningful experience and maximize learning potential. Trips are suited for moderate to advanced amateurs who want to improve their photography skills and shoot in some of the most beautiful and lesser known locations in and outside of Yosemite.

To learn more about Robb Hirsch and view some of his amazing photography, click here.

Two general types of trips are offered, though each can be modified:

Full Day Photo Workshop
Meet with Robb in the morning for a short orientation to determine clients’ experience and interest in order to customize the trip to suit their goals; equipment choices and options will be discussed as well as potential photography locations.

Following the meeting, depart for a full day photographing the chosen destinations. In the field, learn many of the techniques to produce quality nature photographs. Discover how changing the aperture, shutter speed or one’s position affects an image and how to best utilize these variables to create a more compelling photograph. Learn how to control depth of field to either isolate the subject or put it in the context of its surroundings. The itinerary is flexible to take advantage of opportunities based on the current conditions.

Sufficient time will be given to scout locations and practice field techniques before shooting into the afternoon and through sunset, before returning to Evergreen Lodge for dinner.

Half Day Photo Shoot
This trip is designed for those with more limited time or budget who want to maximize their photography potential in Yosemite and the surrounding area expeditiously. Time in the field will be spent learning and practicing proper techniques and covering tips for identifying beautiful compositions.

Meet early afternoon and discuss clients’ goals and potential locations to shoot. Depart leaving enough time to stop and photograph interesting locations en route to primary destination. This trip is adjustable, so if the client feels conditions at one of these spots along the way would be preferable to photograph, this can be accommodated. Photograph through late afternoon light and sunset before returning to Evergreen Lodge.

Example Trip Location
High Country Photography: explore and photograph Yosemite’s high country, including Tuolumne Meadows, Olmstead Point and Tenaya Lake. Find new, compelling compositions of the Cathedral Range, Mt. Dana and Mt. Gibbs, or photograph yellow-bellied marmots with beautiful background scenery. This is an outstanding area to shoot with dramatic landscape and few crowds. It is easily accessible by car and short to moderate hikes.

Skills to be learned:

  • Creating strong compositions
  • Evaluating proper exposure
  • Utilizing depth of field for maximum impact
  • Techniques to create the sharpest possible images
  • Reading light to maximize productivity
  • How to visually isolate the subject for more appealing images

Click here for a detailed trip outline.

Our photo tours have limited capacity and should be reserved in advance. Please call our Recreation Department at (209)­ 379-2606 x140, email us, or send a Recreation Request.

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